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About Our Dog Trainers
Cintron K9 Training Lexington KY

donnie cintron k9 dog training

20 Years of Dog Training Experience and 15 Years of Veterinary Technician Experience

Owner, Donnie Cintron, has spent his life around animals of all types. He has always had a unique fascination and compassion for all animals, but especially dogs.

As a child, he spent his free time training for and participating in dog shows. His dedication to animals continued throughout his life and blossomed into an accomplished Dog Training career, covering everything from Police K9s and dog sports to pet obedience training. 

Donnie uses his years of dog training experience, combined with his extensive knowledge of animal behavior and his hands-on experience in the Veterinary field to create a comprehensive training approach fit for every dog. 


Like Donnie, our other trainer, Kasey has always had a love for animals and dogs. She switched careers almost 10 years ago to dedicate her life to the pursuit of being a dog trainer.


Kasey has extensive experience working with puppies and young dogs and has worked with many diverse breeds and types of training. She has a notable resume of showing and titling many dogs in several dog sports. Kasey is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen Certified Evaluator. 

obedience training, puppy trainer

Cintron K9 is known by many to "work magic with the dogs". Their approach is fair, fun and helps you to develop a balanced relationship with your dog. Here’s why…

Donnie & Kasey are professional dog trainers and helping people with their dogs is both their business and our passion.

Got a family dog?

They spend the time to figure out the root of your dog’s behavior problems and the best way to fix them. You’ll also learn how to develop a more satisfying relationship with your beloved pet and how to communicate with your dog so that commands are both understood and have meaning.

Let them show you what’s possible at your first meeting.

Cintron K9 is currently offering a FREE consultation, evaluation and temperament test for your dog, but they only take  10 new clients a month and they are very selective about who they work with. If you are in the area and looking for a dog trainer Lexington KY, call today.

Cintron K9 works with dog owners who are serious about transforming their dog’s behavior.

If this sounds like you, then DON’T WAIT to lock-in one of the 10 spots.

Call Now for a FREE consultation, evaluation and temperament test for your dog! ($99 Value!)

Cintron K9 is insured by Kennel Pro of Mourer-Foster, Inc.

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