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Frequently Asked Questions - Cintron K9 Dog Training Louisville KY

  • How do I know your Dog Training Services are the best for my dog?

Our goal is to set you and your dog up for success and long-lasting results. We take the time to really learn about your dog and your family, so we can customize the training program to fit your needs exactly. When your dog begins a board and train program with Cintron K9, he or she will stay in our home and be hand walked on a leash every time they need to go out. Your dog will only be handled and trained by dog training professionals who have extensive experience with animal behavior, so your dog will get a clear, fair understanding of the training from start to finish! 

  • Will my dog or puppy still remember me after a bootcamp board and train with you?

Yes, your dog will definitely remember you and your family after the training. He or she will be the same loveable pet as before, just much more obedient, with clear understanding of his expectations! 

  • How will I know what dog training commands to use with my dog after training?

Training the human part of the family is just as important as training the canine part of the equation. We send out bi-weekly Youtube dog training videos of your dog as updates so you can follow along with the training. We also include a One Hour Pick Up Lesson, an entire Go Home Video Series, along with the in-person Follow Up Lessons. Cintron K9 will make sure you are fully supported throughout the entire dog training journey.

  • What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

Petco dog training or Petsmart dog training is what normally comes to mind when you think of Positive Reinforcement Training. Generally food and a marker noise like a clicker are used to continuously reward good behaviors, whichi will increase the probability the dog will offer those good behaviors again. At Cintron K9, we absolutely use positive reinforcement to start every dog in training and build a relationship with them, especially for puppy training. As the training program progresses and when the dog is ready, the training program becomes more balanced.

  • Is ECollar Training part of your curriculum?

The dog training collar and dog training equipment you use for your dog is very important. We use an ecollar with the Advanced Board and Train Package. Ecollar dog training is something we have lots of experience with and are very familiar with. We use electronic collars (ecollars) in a variety of ways, from positive stimulation to advanced marker training to corrections, just depending on what is best for the situation. We teach the ecollar in a very fair, and low stress way, with the goal to not need to use the ecollar training equipment forever. Our advanced training technique uses the ecollar to enhance communication between dog and handler. 

  • Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured through Kennel Pro of Mourer-Foster Insurance. Our small business is our livelihood, and we take it very seriously. 

  • Do you offer Private Dog Training Lessons or Dog Training Group Classes?

We do offer private 1 on 1 lessons which are only sold in monthly lesson packages. Training takes dedication and a lot of hard work so doing only one or two lessons, isn't going to give you the results you are looking for. Give us a call to ask about how our lesson packages go in conjunction with our Board & Train Programs. 

We only offer occasional Group Classes in the form of AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program or AKC CGC Prep Programs, please reach out with your interest about when our next AKC Group Program will run. 

  • Do you offer in home dog training services?

Every dog that enrolls in our Board and Train or Puppy Jump Start Programs will stay in our home, as part of our family for the duration of the training program. Dogs get the most benefit from a bootcamp style dog training program, therefore we don't come to your home for the training, your dog will come to our home. 

  • Do you offer service dog training?

We can absolutely train all of the service dog obedience behaviors and desensitization needed, but we do not certify dogs for service work.

  • What are your recommended brands for dog beds, dog training treats, chew bones and dietary supplements?

We have several recommendations for all of the above, but we would need to consult with you directly about your dog's needs before we make specific recommedations.

Below you will find a list of our most commonly used brands:


Kuranda Dog Bed


Carlson Pet Products Dog Bed


Royal Canin German Shepherd Dog Food


Bixbi Raw and Healthy Dog Foods


Canine Performance Nutrition Supplements -


Sure Grow Puppy Vitamins


Benebone Dog Chews

Nylabone Dog Chews  

Bulletproof Pet Products


Retriever Crates


Ruffland Crates


Herm Springer Collars


Dogtra Bark Collar


Ecollar Technologies

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