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Dog Training Winchester KY

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There's No Place Like Home...

At Cintron K9, after many years of dog training experience we use only the best dog training methods. We know definitively that the best way for dogs to learn how to behave in a home is to actually be trained in a home environment. All of our Board and Train Programs are boot camp style programs where the dog stays at the trainer's home.

Your dog will be hand walked on a leash only by a professional dog trainer every time it needs to go potty and will never be left in a fenced yard or kennel environment. Your dog will stay in a safe, clean and quiet home environment,  so he/she can use their energy towards our fun, goal-oriented daily dog training sessions.

You will also be included in your dog's training, as you receive bi-weekly Youtube Channel dog training video updates, so you can follow along with how your dog is doing. Follow up lessons are included in the cost of the Board and Train packages, so we can make sure you know how to practice your dog's new skills when they come home.

As this is a premier dog training service, spots are limited so call now to reserve a spot for your dog today.

Call Now for a FREE consultation, evaluation and temperament test for your dog! (A $99 Value!)

comfort retriever sit on tree stump

Puppy Jump Start Program

This program goes hand in hand with the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Classes Program and gives your puppy the right start in life. It is designed for an age range of 12 week old puppy to 1 year of age.

Your pup will learn everything from basic obedience behaviors, grooming, and nail trims as well as home manners and focus under distraction. 

Based on the individual needs of the owner and puppy, this amazing puppy training program can be either 4 weeks or 6 weeks long.

Pricing starts at $750/week

Basic Obedience
Board and Train Program

This Program teaches all the basic on-leash obedience that your dog needs to know to be a good doggy citizen during everyday life. Sit, Place, and no pulling on a leash are just the beginning of things your dog will get to learn. 

Your dog will be having a blast learning, playing, and working through distractions with us for 4 weeks. This program goes along with the AKC CGC Program and can also be custom-tailored with specific commands dog training commands if requested.

Pricing starts at $750/week

belgian malinois place on kuranda bed

Obedience with Distractions
Board and Train

If you have a hectic lifestyle, upcoming travel, or just don't have much time to spend with obedience practice for your dog every day, this is the program for you.

Dog training happens in three stages; teaching, practicing, and proofing the new behaviors around distractions. This particular boot camp training program lasts 6 weeks and allows many more training opportunities for your dog. He or she will see real-life scenarios daily and get to practice how to behave around company, kids, animals, or at the park. If you are looking for more advanced obedience, this is the program for you and your dog. 

Pricing starts at $750/week

Private Training Lessons

While our various Board & Train Programs cover all of your dog training needs from puppy training through advanced obedience, some people really want to be a part of the training process. Our trainers Donnie & Kasey work as a team so you will have not just one, but two professional dog trainers at your disposal throughout your Private Lessons. Training your dog at home takes patience and commitment, but it can be very rewarding at the end of the process. We will provide supplemental Cintron K9 dog training videos, a structured lesson plan, and weekly homework. We believe private dog training lessons only work if the owner gives the dog clear and consistent effort, and does lots of practice at home. Our private lessons come in convenient monthly packages, and are conducted at our indoor training facility in Winchester, KY and last approximately one hour. 

Pricing starts at $500/month

Call Now for a FREE consultation, evaluation and temperament test for your dog! (A $99 Value!)

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