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Cintron K9 Board and Train Lexington KY - Success Stories

We were really struggling with our puppy, Calcifer, who has bad fear based reactivity and has a lot of anxiety (especially around new people and other dogs). We did the puppy board and train for two months. Though we missed our boy, he came back so improved!! The training was extremely effective, and we learned that Calcifer needs to have a job to reduce his anxiety. We have learned so much through this training and have also used what we have learned on our other dog. We highly recommend Cintron K9!!!! Calcifer is also so much more confident and eager to learn new tricks. We can actually take him places without him freezing in anxiety. 


-Zakary Alexander & "Calcifer"

how to teach a dog to sit obedience trainer

I’ll start by saying that I’m writing this review with much positivity and optimism in mind. I say that because I feel that I’ve finally found “trainers” (Donnie and his wife Kasey work as a team) that not only I trust trust to help with training my dog but that can “train” me also. In the past throughout numerous calls to trainers I’ve struggled to talk to folks that I feel are truly experts in their field and it did not take long for me to realize that these folks are truly that - experienced EXPERTS in the art of all types of training. That statement goes two ways. There are places you can send your dog to board and train and there are places that can carefully with you, instruct you how to train your dog. I say confidently that Cintron K9, can do both! There’s also lots of places that don’t have nearly the experience nor expertise.

If you want to send your pup/dog to a truly professional and turn key place that can take your dog into their home - train them and turn them back over to you… that’s them.

If you’re like me - zero training or new to beginner obedience training and want to be a part of the advanced process well….. this is Cintron K9 also. I am that person, I have a three year old GSD who has been a part of my family for three years. She’s bonded with all of us and to be honest, I couldn’t stomach being without her in our home for a board and train period. That’s where their option for in-person lessons has suited myself, our GSD and my family perfectly. You can shorten your training process with their board and train but again, I wanted to be a part of the training to truly understand the ins and outs.

Since getting Cersie, I’ve found that she loves training and I love training with her. After one call with Donnie, I knew that’s where I wanted to continue our work. Not with a specific purpose in mind but rather to just continue advancing Cersie into the best that she can be and the best that I can be. If you have specific types of training in mind - they can tailor their efforts to that.

A word of caution to those that choose the in person lessons that I chose - be ready to work. This training is not for those that are not willing to go home and not continue to do their homework and work with their dog. This takes effort, daily. If you’re willing to put in that work, you can expect exceptional results but you are involved in the process just as much as Cintron K9. They aren’t just giving you training instruction to train your dog - YOU need training as well! At least I did ;)!

So regardless of the path you want to take to make the most of your relationship with your dog - please give Cintron K9 a chance to earn your business. You will not be disappointed. Their attention to detail, explanation and dog training knowledge is second to none!

-Drew Sadler & "Cersie"

Donnie and Kasey are excellent with dogs!

They are extremely knowledgable use positive reinforcement as their training strategy versus punishment. they kept our young Pitbull, Fredo, for 8 weeks and afterwards we noticed a vast improvement in his behavior and obedience. They also provided us with diet recommendations and follow up advice/lessons so our dog could continue to successfully progress. We certainly recommend Cintron K9! 

-Bryan G & "Fredo"

obedience training frankfort, ky
obedience training georgetown ky

Kasey and Donnie are absolutely awesome

- they have worked a miracle with our golden retriever, Carmel. They have such a intelligent, kind, whole-dog approach that has truly transformed Carmel into a wonderfully behaved companion whose company we can now truly enjoy. We so appreciate the hard work they out into modifying Carmel's behavior. 

-Leslie Russo & "Carmel"

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dutch shepherd, working dog training

Can not say enough good things about Cintron K9 . Thank you for the positive training experience this past weekend . Look forward to training with you more .

-Shawn Palmer & "Chi Chi"

pitbull training lexington, ky

Understanding that the dog needs to be trained specifically for the person that lives them is so very important to us. We are regular people that love our pets, we have limitations and abilities that are specific. The Cintron K9 team is so intuitive and caring, they are gifted and genuine!

-Taryn Kilbert & "Roxy" and "Carlos"


I can’t recommend these trainers enough. My dogs behavior is unrecognizable from what it was before. Before he would drag me on a leash and now he walks off leash. This training really helped the relationship for me and my dog. He is much more enjoyable to be around and to take places. Aside from their training, they go above and beyond to make sure you and your dog are taken care of. It’s Such a well run business that you can trust. 

-Lexie Hammel & Archie

brindle dutch shepherd akc title dog training

Titan - Dutch Shepherd Louisville KY

Titan stayed with us for a long term board and train program. His owner's goals were to have great home manners around young kids, as well as starting his sport dog training. While Titan was with us, he achieved an AKC Dock Diving title (DN) as well as an AKC Rally Novice Obedience title (RN) and an AKC Canine Good Citizen title (CGC).  

Owner- Marcus Abernathy

corgi puppy training with great pyrenees dog training

Rosie - Great Pyrenees from Cincinnati OH


Rosie came to us when she was around 6 months old. She was enrolled in our two month Puppy Jump Start Program. We did lots of positive reinforcement training, as well as basic obedience, home manners and obedience in public with distractions.

Owner - Shawn Murphy

belgian malinois puppy positive reinforcement puppy training classes lexington ky

Villanelle - Belgian Malinois from Nicholasville KY

Villanelle came to us for our two month Puppy Jump Start Program when she was about five months old. Training a Belgian Malinois puppy to be calm in the house started with a solid place command, taught with positive reinforcement. Villanelle not only learned a ton, but also had a ton of fun. 

Owner - Donnie Hubbard 

schnauzer poodle swimming dog tin woof inn frankfort ky toy poodle on dog bed lexington ky

Lewis - Schnoodle & Milo - Toy Poodle
Advanced Obedience Board and Train
Lexington KY
Owner- Brent & Edith Murray

rottweiler on a boat hiking with dog louisville ky

Beast - Rottweiler 
Advanced Obedience Board and Train
Louisville KY


Marshall - German Shepherd
Advanced Obedience 
Board and Train
Richmond KY

poodle training at the dog parks frankfort ky

Gracie - Miniature Poodle from Nicholasville KY

Gracie was almost a year old when she came to us for basic obedience and home training. Her owners needed her to be more manageable day to day. Gracie was an eager learner, and loved showing off her new obedience training skills to her owners after training. 

Owner - Dr. Kingsolver

board and train obedience dog trainer lexington ky

Zippy - Mix Breed from Louisville KY

Zippy joined us for our two month Advanced Board and Train Program. Zippy was barking at other dogs while on a walk, as well as having some fear based reactive behaviors in the home. His training went great and his owners are very thankful that he can now calmly enjoy their neighborhood walks. 

Owner - Heather French

Great Pyrenees livestock guard dog training obedience shelbyville ky

Chanel - Great Pyrenees
Advanced Obedience Board and Train Shelbyville KY
Owner- Brian McMorrow

hound dog obedience training lexington ky

Honey - Mix Breed
Advanced Obedience Board and Train
Lexington KY

mini australian shepherd on leash obedience nicholasville ky

Indi - Mini Aussie
Advanced Obedience Board and Train
Louisville KY

how to teach your dog to stay german shepherd on carlson dog bed

Chai von Hanrahaus - German Shepherd Dog
Hilliard OH

Chai started her life with us here at Cintron K9. As German Shepherd breeders we have planned litters of puppies that are from health tested, correct to standard working German Shepherds. Chai was born at our home and selected for her owner at 8 weeks old. She stayed in long term training with us and achieved her AKC Rally Novice Title (RN), AKC Canine Good Citizen Title (CGC), AKC Community Canine Title (CGCA) and AKC Urban Good Citizen Title (UCGC).

Owner- Jerry Hopewell

great dane puppy obedience training richmond ky

Luna - Great Dane
Two Month Puppy Jump Start Board and Train
Versailles KY
Owner - Rhonda Orberson & Maria Rodriguez

australian shepherd with blue eyes puppy obedience with german shepherd on dog bed frankfort ky
english bulldog training board and train georgetown ky

Jax - English Bulldog
Advanced Obedience Board and Train Georgetown KY
Owner - Michael Prather

red merle australian shepherd puppy in pink and silver hula hoop stay training cynthiana ky

Barrett & Ruby - Australian Shepherds
Cynthiana KY

Barrett and Ruby are litter mate Australian Shepherd puppies who joined our two month Puppy Jump Start Board and Train Program. Their owner sent them to training young to teach them life skills and prevent the potential issue of littermate syndrome. When owning two puppies of the same age, it is imperative to build confidence and focus separately so they can grow and mature without becoming dependent on one another. 

Owners - Derrick & Samarra

giant schnauzer puppy with red bandanna puppy training classes lexington ky

Bella - Giant Schnauzer
Owner - Val Schwarzmueller Salzburg, Austria

giant schnauzer with cropped ears sit obedience simpsonville ky

Gunner - Giant Schnauzer 
Owner - Vicki Shunkwiler
Richmond, VA

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