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Donnie and Kasey are wonderful trainers. They are friendly, patient and have a wealth of information they are happy to share. They did a thorough evaluation of our eight month old dog Shady and of us, asking many questions and observing Shady to find out what we wanted from the training. They kept Shady for eight weeks and taught him to place, heel, sit, down, stay, come and ignore distractions. They kept us updated with videos of the training. The videos also provide a reference as we continue to train Shady. They provided training lessons for my wife and I so we could properly continue to train Shady after we brought him home. So, we are learning along with Shady. It's not all perfect, but we are getting there. They even gave us a nail trimming lesson. We highly recommend Cintron K9 for your dog training needs. You can trust them with your dog.

-Frank Arcari

hound dog sitting in the grass
five star review

Without question this is the place to go if you want to have a well-trained dog and get excellent training for yourself. There are many dog trainers that can train dogs but few that can help owners translate that training in the home environment. We have a challenging breed but are able to do so much with our dog and have loads of fun and adventures!

                                  -Daniell Hill

shiba inu place on small wooden post
five star review

I would give them 10 stars if I could. We had a rebellious toddler mastiff on our hands. We had tried in home training and it was not working. So glad I found them to do board and train. Doug has come back with confidence and lost his toddler attitude. After having him home the first day I need some clarification on some of the training. They were quick to answer my phone call and made sure I knew exactly what to do. I highly recommend them for any dogs training.
-Michelle Brown

english mastiff looking up
five star review

I sent my very barky 1 year old schnauzer to training with Cintron K9 and was so wonderfully impressed. Our first meeting, my dog barked so much we could hardly hear each other to speak about the training details for about 15 minutes. After training 4 weeks with Donnie and Kasey, in their home, he is a brand new dog. I walked in the room to pick him up and he did not bark at all! He stayed on his place until it was time to be “free.” It was incredible.
I have tried so many different trainers and training styles and this has worked the best for my dog. As I currently type this, he is sitting in “place” on an elevated dog bed beside me. He is still working on some stubborn tendencies and some fear-based barking, but he is leaps and bounds from where he was. It was difficult to be without him for a month, but I could not be happier with the results. I would recommend Cintron K9 a million times over. They are so wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable of the training process and dogs in general. :)

-Shelbi Broeking

salt and pepper schnauzer with bowtie
five star review

I can’t recommend these trainers enough. My dogs behavior is unrecognizable from what it was before. Before he would drag me on a leash and now he walks off leash. This training really helped the relationship for me and my dog. He is much more enjoyable to be around and to take places. Aside from their training, they go above and beyond to make sure you and your dog are taken care of. It’s Such a well run business that you can trust.

-Lexie Fryman


airdale terrier obedience at the store
five star review

Kasey and Donnie are absolutely awesome - they have worked a miracle with our golden retriever, Carmel. They have such an intelligent, kind, whole-dog approach that has truly transformed Carmel into a wonderfully behaved companion whose company we can now truly enjoy. We so appreciate the hard work they put into modifying Carmel's behavior. 
                                       -Leslie Russo


happy golden retriever sitting on a dog bed
five star review

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